Competence and innovation for more than 30 years

The ambition to be protected, secure and wellbeing is as individual as the human being itself is.

HAVERKAMP develops systems, which work without to attract your attention, and create security without constraining.

Additionally we offer an enormous product program for mechanical security technology for outdoor security and for room climate concepts with innovative film technologies.

Security technology
Sun protection – film technique
Made in Germany

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High efficient security technology

 Security is one of the most important and sensitive issues of our time. Worldwide HAVERKAMP creates security in companies, public institutions, and private houses.

We develop and produce innovative products for various sectors such as house security, property safeguarding, and automotive- highly efficient, optical without attracting attention, as  well for retrofitting or expanding of existing solutions and for new solutions.

Highly efficient
Optical without attracting attention
For new constructions and retrofitting

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Sun protection & Film technology                            

Sun protection and film technology

Innovative film technology from HAVERKAMP optimizes the important factors to achieve a perfect comfort - with as well as variable systems or flat glass films for a better room climate. As producer of film technology HAVERKAMP offers room climate concepts build from its’ own products – individual, for all the different areas in houses, offices, shops and production halls. Thereby in Germany produced products with a high quality come to usage.

Innovative room climate concepts
Entirely individual
Directly from producer

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Security technology:


Unsere Sicherheitsprodukte 


  • Sicherheitsfolien/  Einbruchschutzfolien
  • Sicherheitsfenster- und Türen
  • Splitterschutzvorhänge
  • Safe Haven®
  • Sandwichelemente mit Fassadensensor


  • Überwachte Sicherheitszäune
  • Digitale Zaundetektion
  • Bodendetektion
  • Übersteigdetektion


  • Autosicherheitsfolien

Sun protection and film technology:

Unsere Produktbereiche


  • Fensterfolien
  • Rollo-/ Lamellen-/ Plisseefolien
  • Akustiklösungen
  • Variable Systeme/ Rollos


  • Autosonnenschutzfolien
  • Autosicherheitsfolien
  • Lackschutzfolien
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